Like a seductive David Lynch chanteuse, The Grand Magoozi occupies the stage in a dreamy twilight world. Susie Scurry’s smoky vocals deliver lament and subtle wit in equal measure, pondering a modern world gone awry.

Drawing on formative influences that take in Appalachian string-band music and the canon of Roy Orbison, Scurry calls from a time of burnished musical purity. Infused with both dark space and languor, her songs also honour the likes of Patsy Cline, Karen Dalton and Billy Holiday. The Grand Magoozi is a voice in the lonesome night demanding an earnest and endearing ear, imploring us to see through the haze and make simpler sense of today’s world.

The Grand Magoozi’s self-titled debut album comes out on Melbourne label Little Lake. Recorded live over three days, the album was produced by Melbourne recording luminary Nick Huggins (Two Bright Lakes/Little Lake) with a host of talented musicians.

The first single Pinky Blues is a slow swinging song that ponders the error of falling for your boyfriend’s best friend.

A striking new voice in Australian music, Susie Scurry will hypnotise and lure you into soft-glowing stupor.